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Croat was one of the most used and longest lived of the Catalan coins. Croat is an important part of the historical Identity of the Catalan people. Croat as an altcoin brings the Catalan coin from the past into the future. A tool within everyone’s reach, justified not only by economical needs, but also by historical, cultural and personal ones.... check the official website at croat.cat

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BitcoinZ is a bitcoin compatible cryptocurrency based on the zcash core. It utilizes the Equihash... check the official website at bitcoinz.global

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Vote Coin is an anonymous crypto currency best suitable for elections and other voting purposes, based on Zerocoin protocol... check the official website at votecoin.site

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Bitcoin Gold is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. The original Bitcoin blockchain will continue on unaltered, but a new branch of the blockchain will split off from the original chain. As a result of this process, a new cryptocurrency is born... check the official website at bitcoingold.org

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